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Murder in Greektown

Detective Don Frederickson’s fast track to retirement was derailed when the 911 call came in with a missing report coming into the precinct. Blood on the scene at Detroit’s Kennedy Charter Academy thrust Frederickson into events that may have major political implications.

Frederickson once regarded by many as an outstanding investigator, was promoted downtown to headquarters when it all hit the fan. After becoming a target in an Internal Affairs investigation, although exonerated, he was banished to the twelfth precinct, an outpost on the city’s lower east side.

Well loved teacher, Tommy Dansforth, was missing. He wasn’t in his classroom but his car was found abandoned in the parking lot. The investigation turned up problems with an unruly student then concentrated on an attractive new sixth-grade teacher, also missing. Frederickson wondered how things could get worse when the District Attorney called, What could this all have to do with a Murder in Greektown?