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Motor City Justice

Detective Amy Harper stood in Detroit’s downtown Hart Plaza, gazing across the half-mile wide river at the Windsor skyline. A call from the department’s police chief confirming that the FBI uncovered the existence of death threats to members of her team were troubling. Detective Harper survived attempts on her own life a year earlier, but she now fears that her team might not be as lucky this time around. The Bureau offered help, but the team didn’t want extra protection, a very foolish move.

Because of the ever present drug traffic and a recent increase in international terrorist activity, and Detroit being a border city, the FBI, along with the city’s officials, increased presence at all border crossings between the U.S. and Canada from downtown to Port Huron. Although Detective Harper had assistance from the Bureau, the massive explosion on I-94 could not have been prevented, an event that could change the city’s entire police department forever. Unless Harper’s team captures the individuals responsible, there could never be any real Motor City Justice.